Friday, May 27, 2011

Eleanoora Rosenholm - Noora Tommila

The Lexington, London, May 26th 2011

The Lexington continues its story-haul! My 300th gig (according to Songkick anyhow), and the 1st London gig for the Finnish band Eleanoora Rosenholm. Noora is a cool looking pixie-esque character, and looked at me in a confused 'are you sure?' type manner after I asked for a story (more people should do this!), and then asked if it should be in English, but I said she could write it in Finnish if she preferred. She then gave me one funny final perculiar look before writing the story, and voila!


At 11:56 pm, Blogger Mark Clements said...

Very nice.

I was also at this gig, the band were really friendly, Noora seemed shocked when I started asking her about Lowlife Rock n Roll Philopshers her other band. I even had a beer with Pasi and also managed to get a set list




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