Monday, September 15, 2008

Thinguma*jigsaw- Seth Horatio Buncombe

End Of The Road Festival, Dorset/Wiltshire, September 13th 2008

They didn't like all the electronic amplifier stuffs, and so decided to play without them instead, starting off with a Daniel Johnston cover. We were lucky to be at the front though, as his voice was very quiet.
I had stupidly forgotten my story cards, so after buying a cd I quickly ran back through all the mud to get my cards from my tent and returned, and asked Seth and the sawing lady if they would write me a story. I said I'd be sat at the front waiting (/watching Seabear, who were on next), and so off they toddled with their gear. The girl never came back with her story, but he did, and what a genius story it is!


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