Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Lydia Ainsworth

Sebright Arms, London, February 17th 2015

Cast: Lydia, Paul, Paul's friend Eran
Setting: Sebright Arms, just after Lydia finished her set

Paul: Hello, that was really cool. Can I ask you a weird request / can you write me a story please?
Lydia: okay
Eran: You don't explain why you want a story?
Paul: (whilst moving Eran away so that the story can be written) No, I don't want to influence what they write
Eran: Don't they want to know why?
Paul: Mostly not
(story is then finished and handed back)
Paul: Thank you!
(Lydia starts to walk away)
Eran: (to Lydia) Don't you want to know why?!?!?!
Lydia: No, I don't care
Eran:  ?!?!?!!?!!
Paul: See!


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