Thursday, February 26, 2015

Farao - Kari Jahnsen

Lexington, London, February 26th 2015

Cast: Kari, Paul
Setting: Lexylexington

Paul: Hi, weird request/musicians I like/story etc
Kari: a story?
Paul: Yeah, it can be about anything
Kari: Oh, I don't know. Can you give me a theme?
Paul: ummmm...... errrrr...... ummm....
Kari: Aha, I will take inspiration from your glasses
(gives me beer to hold. writes story. gives story back)
Paul: ThankyouIloveyourEPlistenedsomuchlastyearwillyouhavealbum
Kari: Thanks, that's nice. Yes, in September.

The end!
I like this story. It's horrid.
Listen to her song To Sleep Apart, it might make you cry. Or her song Forces, it might make you cool. and cry.


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