Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The Second Hand Marching Band - Pete Liddle

Union Chapel, London, March 19th 2016

I first heard about these guys back in 2008 from my friend Laura who was convinced I would like them (maybe because there were a million members), and she was correct.  Fast forward 8 years later for their first London gig and my first chance to see them, and also their last ever gig!  (although let's hope that unhappens one day in the future)  Standing ovations and encores at the lunchtime Daylight Music gigs are quite rare, but theirs was much deserved after their tearful/smile-inducing joint set with Benni Hemm Hemm (who I collected a story from back in 2006 here).  Nicely fitting story from the super nice main chap, Pete.


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