Saturday, January 19, 2008

Eels- E / Mark Oliver Everett

St James' Church, London, January 17th 2008

Not much of a story I know, but a kinda story behind it. The solo gig was to promote E's/Mark's book released that day, and the first 200 folk were able to have their books signed after the (very lovely) gig. & so, in the queue, I kept debating whether to get him to write a story, due to the giant queue behind me. In the end, after he finished signing my book, I gave it a go, and he said that he couldn't now, but that he could do this- and scribbled his E on the card, closed the book with it inside, and said 'There you go- a bookmark!' with a happy smile on his face. So, despite it just being one letter, I'm happy with it, and using it as a bookmark (for this one book at least). Page 62 so far.