Saturday, May 17, 2014

Yann Tiersen

Rough Trade, London, 16th May 2014

I heard that he was going to rush off after the instore to catch a train, so I pounced on him ten minutes before he was due on stage. He protested that he didn't have much time, but I said that it didn't have to be very long... and it wasn't! He seemed like a nice guy with unruly hair, so I approved.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Sylvan Esso - Amelia Meath

Village Underground, London, May 12th 2014 

I had to quickly grab Amelia whilst Nick was writing his story, before she walked off, and just gushed about how I had listened to 'Coffee' easily over 100 times. Surely will listen another 100 times too, and maybe the rest of the album a little bit.

Sylvan Esso - Nick Sanborn

Village Underground, London, May 12th 2014 

I only managed to find a ticket for the sold out Tune-Yards/Sylvan Esso gig a couple of hours beforehand, very keen to see Sylvan Esso. I caught them both at the merchandise stall afterwards, but didn't have a pen (had to borrow one from the merch stall) or a story card (had to tear a page out of my book I was reading - Dark Eden by Chris Beckett... it felt wrong tearing a page from a book, but then it felt so right) to get the stories!