Thursday, February 26, 2015

Farao - Kari Jahnsen

Lexington, London, February 26th 2015

Cast: Kari, Paul
Setting: Lexylexington

Paul: Hi, weird request/musicians I like/story etc
Kari: a story?
Paul: Yeah, it can be about anything
Kari: Oh, I don't know. Can you give me a theme?
Paul: ummmm...... errrrr...... ummm....
Kari: Aha, I will take inspiration from your glasses
(gives me beer to hold. writes story. gives story back)
Paul: ThankyouIloveyourEPlistenedsomuchlastyearwillyouhavealbum
Kari: Thanks, that's nice. Yes, in September.

The end!
I like this story. It's horrid.
Listen to her song To Sleep Apart, it might make you cry. Or her song Forces, it might make you cool. and cry.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Lydia Ainsworth

Sebright Arms, London, February 17th 2015

Cast: Lydia, Paul, Paul's friend Eran
Setting: Sebright Arms, just after Lydia finished her set

Paul: Hello, that was really cool. Can I ask you a weird request / can you write me a story please?
Lydia: okay
Eran: You don't explain why you want a story?
Paul: (whilst moving Eran away so that the story can be written) No, I don't want to influence what they write
Eran: Don't they want to know why?
Paul: Mostly not
(story is then finished and handed back)
Paul: Thank you!
(Lydia starts to walk away)
Eran: (to Lydia) Don't you want to know why?!?!?!
Lydia: No, I don't care
Eran:  ?!?!?!!?!!
Paul: See!

Dan Deacon

Islington Assembly Hall, London, February 16th 2015

Oh gosh. Such a fun gig. I danced like an excitable loon non-stop. Mr Deacon seemed very nice and quite happy to write a story, once the half naked Norwegian guy Eric had gone away.