Monday, November 20, 2017

Dinner - Anders Rhedin

The Joker, Brighton, November 20th 2017

Story time. I used to (and still do) love a Danish band/chap under the name of Jong Pang, who released two albums back in 2008 and 2009. Excellent albums, especially the second one. The singer then disappeared to L.A., and I was not very good in finding out where he went.
Then, 2017, the Choir Of Young Believers chap, Jannis, announced that he would be coming to do a solo tour supporting a friend of his called Dinner. I had a listen, they sounded super 80s, but catchy. I then read that he was also Danish, and was living in L.A.... and lo and behold it was my Jong Pang chap!
A ticket for London was then bought, as well as one for a gig in Brighton the evening beforehand. Unfortunately this gig got cancelled, so I then bought a ticket to see Blue Hawaii (who I had previously got a story from in the form of Braids) in Brighton instead, and then it was later announced that Dinner would be the support. No bonus Choir Of Young Believers, but I was still happy.
& the gig was amazing. Such a fun performer, with crazy dances (which I filmed and compiled here in case anyone fancies watching), and looking forward to doing it all over again this evening, now with bonus COYB. Which seems fitting, as I had originally found Jong Pang as a result of Choir of Young Believers, and so did the same for Dinner.
I'm so tired, I didn't sleep well last night, and my story is longer than the original story from Anders, but that uncertainty of sleep and awake also seems fitting.