Sunday, March 20, 2011

Darren Hayman

Nettleford Hall, London, March 19th 2011

I managed to catch Darren downstairs after his set at the Read And Shout save libraries gig day, and asked him for a story. He said sure, but he was about to go on stage to sing a song with A Little Orchestra, and so he took the card and said that he'd try to write it later. Previous experience of such story promises from other folk didn't leave me too hopeful, but later on I went back downstairs to get some drinks and as luck would have it Darren came walking the other direction and spotted me and said 'Was it you?', I said yes, he then pulled out the story from an inside pocket and handed it to me and carried on walking on his way without missing a beat! I was quite pleased to say the least.
and whilst I'm here, here's a Darren song/video written and recorded in January - I'm the dancing pig (although my favourite is the little kid at 3 minutes 14):