Friday, July 24, 2009

Dear Reader- Cheri MacNeil

229, London, 23rd July 2009

Was another great gig from this lovely little band, whom I think have made my favourite album of the year so far. But there was this stupid moron drunk fan there, which was a bit of a shame, as he clearly liked them and knew the words and names of the band members and such, but stupid moron drunk fan best describes him- shouting out 'Amazing', 'Beautiful', 'Awwweessome' between every song, or during a song, or whenever really; despite Cheri's hints of saying that he was going to lose his voice/get bored, and my favourite: that he was an embarrassment to her and South African people! And his singing, oh gosh his singing...
The best bit was that whilst Cheri was writing the story after the gig, mr moron came along pestering her, whilst she just told him bluntly to just wait, whilst continuing to write the story about him, oh ho!!