Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Choir Of Young Believers- Jannis Noya Makrigiannis

Hoxton Bar and Grill, London, September 29th 2008

I caught Jannis before their first gig in London, although I think he wasn't sure about writing a story in English, so I said that Danish was fine. He then asked my name, I said Paul, he said 'Do I know you from.. myspace?' I said yeah (had previously messaged about gigs/their album) and he then said 'the viking!' (which is my photo there) which was kinda surreal, but cool. I then left him to write his story, and went in to the gig. He brought it over to me and then introduced me to Christian, the Tigerspring label guy, who last year had been super kind and posted me the Choir... ep for free, so that was cool. & then i was finally able to buy the album that's seemed to take ages to come round (but probably didn't really).
As for the story, I am guessing that it is a story of him leaving Denmark that morning, and something about something that probably isn't muesli, meeting Christian, and then me asking for a story? Something like that maybe! It's another story to add to my list of ones to translate.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Shearwater- Jonathan Meiburg

Rough Trade East, September 18th 2008

Anyhow, the instore performance was great, as they played the whole of Rook in order, which suited us to the ground as it is their only album that we have. & it made up for us not managing to watch all of their set at End Of The Road.

Shearwater- Jonathan Meiburg

Rough Trade East, September 18th 2008

Jonathan was another strange willing story writer- saying yes straight away, and just checking if he had to write about anything in particular. & then he goes and writes quickly and continuously on two sides this story about an Argenine airplane. I also have to say that he seemed like a very nice chap!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Seabear- Sindri Mar Sigfusson

End Of The Road Festival, Dorset/Wiltshire, September 13th 2008

These guys were a great surprise. Their album is good/okay, and they all came on to the stage looking pretty glum, but the singer had a great sense of humour, and the band were just so great live- which gives me hope for their next album. Plus, the singer chap wrote me a story straight away/ didn't blink an eyelid.

Thinguma*jigsaw- Seth Horatio Buncombe

End Of The Road Festival, Dorset/Wiltshire, September 13th 2008

They didn't like all the electronic amplifier stuffs, and so decided to play without them instead, starting off with a Daniel Johnston cover. We were lucky to be at the front though, as his voice was very quiet.
I had stupidly forgotten my story cards, so after buying a cd I quickly ran back through all the mud to get my cards from my tent and returned, and asked Seth and the sawing lady if they would write me a story. I said I'd be sat at the front waiting (/watching Seabear, who were on next), and so off they toddled with their gear. The girl never came back with her story, but he did, and what a genius story it is!

Adrian Crowley

End Of The Road Festival, Dorset/Wiltshire, September 12th 2008

'Hi, can you write me a story?', holds pen and card out, 'Sure, what's the deadline?', 'uhhhh...', 'Ah, only joking! Sure I can!', writes story.

Something along those lines anyhow. Funny chap. He then apologised after writing it in case it sounded pretentious!

Was just him playing solo at the eotr set, but was great- such a lovely voice.