Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Yossarian - Ash Spencer

Servant Jazz Quarters, London, September 10th 2018

This was my fourth Yossarian gig since coming across them at Field Day a few years ago, and they've been great each time. Ash was a super friendly interested/interesting guy, and after writing his story he asked me what my story was, which threw me! I should have just said that I don't have a story, I just collect them. But I didn't.

Princess Chelsea - Chelsea Nikkel

Shacklewell Arms, London, September 11th 2018

I somehow haven't been to Shacklewell Arms before, but it was worth it for this gig. Especially with a bonus Jonathan Bree playing in the band also (who I grabbed a story form last month). It's pleasing when there are these links between musician folk I like.