Saturday, September 19, 2009

Laura Gibson

End Of The Road Festival, Dorset/Wiltshire, September 12th 2009

Another lovely singer! She was at a bit of a loss of what to write, and had someone trying to drag her off after her set (presumably to go see Alela Diane play I think) who I'm sure roller her eyes in despair that I was asking for a story! My new Danish chum came by also, and invited me to visit him in Denmark, and posed for a photo with me. He seemed to pop up when I collect stories, but I didn't get any more that weekend to test the theory. Two stories/instances probably isn't enough to base a correlation on though.

Ohbijou- Casey Mecija

End Of The Road Festival, Dorset/Wiltshire, September 12th 2009

Such a lovely voice! I didn't get a chance to get a story after their gig with The Acorn and Fanfarlo on the Tuesday, or after their EOTR set on Friday, but whilst sat down watching Darren Hayman on the Saturday she walked by, and I pounced! Although just as she finished her story, a Danish guy came by and started asking me about my Slaraffenland t-shirt and if I knew what the name meant in Danish. I would see him again later.

Fol Chen- Melissa Thorne

Brixton Windmill, London, 6th September 2009

I had only first heard Fol Chen just under a month before the gig, but was glad I went, as they were pretty cool. It felt a shame that there was only about 20-30 people watching them, but obviously better than the previous night's gig which seemed to be at some random venue/club night thingum. The 'Part one:' bit is a reference to the album of the part-same name, and not in reference to a follow-up story- the lead-singer chap said escaped from writing one, hohumm! Will hopefully see them live again the next time they're here.