Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Lambchop - Kurt Wagner

London, Rough Trade, November 8th 2016

The last (and first) time I saw Lambchop was over 14 years ago in Glasgow, with the lovely and missed St Thomas as support.  It was before I had started collecting stories, and in that brief phase when I was getting bands to sign cuddly toys instead.  So after that gig, I got Kurt and his wife to sign a DangerMouse cuddly toy, which I still have in a cupboard somewhere.
I've not done much Lambchop listening since Nixon and Is A Woman, but I really should do.  Was a really nice mini-set this evening.  The utterly surreal q and a session by Tim Burgess just added to it.  Anyhow, here's hoping that my today isn't dwarfed in comparison to the tomorrow coming from America!