Friday, May 19, 2017

Jay-Jay Johanson - Jäje Johanson

DRAF Studio, LONDON, May 18th 2017

A very last minute discovery/decision to attend this superb free gig.  This Swedish chap has a lovely deep singing voice like Neil Hannon or Jens Lekman, and great lyrics to boot.
At the end of the gig, Jäje then went around shaking everybody's hands and thanking them!  When he started writing my story, he paused for a bit, and then excitedly asked me: "It doesn't have to be very long does it? Maybe it can be a secret! Or a recipe!", both of which I was happy with.  He thought for a bit more and then wrote his list of three suicides.  He then asked me whether I had heard of the story of the Russian poet Majakovsky before, to which I said I hadn't.  He said it was a wonderful story and so he then wrote Majakovsky's name again and then started telling me about him, then adding Lily, who M was apparently in love with, although she was married to Osip.  M & L sent lots of letters to each other, but M ended up shooting himself in the heart as M wouldn't leave her husband.  Something like that!  Jäje then said that there was a great book about it/the letters, so will need to investigate.  This might have been the first time that a story was explained to me whilst being written. 

Monday, May 15, 2017

Kishi Bashi - Kaoru Ishibashi

Hackney Oslo, London, May 14th 2017

Such a great fun performer.  A quick story, due to the tens of people waiting for his time, with my suggestion of Mr T as a topic after Mr Bashi mentioned him briefly in the gig.  Maybe some Grimm Tales type horror could happen to him in the forest...